I’m back after a great experience with the guys from T33A



After a long time out, I’m back and safe at home.

This time I had a great experience enjoying the T33A (Banaba Island) Dxpedition with amazing guys. It was fantastic and I will remember until the end of my life that moment – great operators and great people!

Thanks all T33A team and the people from Banaba Island, Tarawa and Fiji.  Its not only ham radio, but what we can learn and see to be a better human being.





Ricardo Rodrigues


The new T30PY/T30SIX card!

In a couple of days ago the new qsl card from T30PY/T30SIX Dxpedition was released. The card is simple and, the same time, beautiful!



T30PY – Campanha de fundos para a Dxpedição

Um abnegado grupo de Radioamadores brasileiros formado por Alex, PY2WAS; Faria, PY7XC; Orlando, PT2OP; Fred, PY2XB; Xavier, PY7ZY; Ricardo, PY2PT; Fernando, PY4BZ e Miguel, PY3MM, estarão colocando o radioamadorismo brasileiro em destaque de 16 a 25 de Outubro de 2012.
Todos estarão participando da DXpedição para Western Kiribati com os indicativos T30PY e T30SIX. Esse é um dos mais cobiçados destinos do mundo das DXpedições. Milhares de radioamadores de todo o mundo tertão a oportunidade de manter contato com T30PY/T30SIX, uma figurinha no mundo do DX. Veja o site da DXpedição em http://www.mdxc.org/t30py/.

A Radiohaus, sempre comprometida com o radioamadorismo brasileiro, está apoiando de forma efetiva a DXpedição, pois os custos envolvidos são muito altos.

A Radiohaus doou para o grupo R$ 5.000,00 em ajuda financeira, um Rádio Icom IC-7000 que será usado na operação e um rádio Alinco DX-SR8T que será sorteado para ajudar com fundos para o projeto.

Clique aqui para participar do sorteio.

T30PY & T30SIX – Tarawa Island Dxpedition, Western Kiribati

We proudly announce a DXpedition to Tarawa Island, Western Kiribati, from Oct 16 t0 25, 2012, when two call signs will be used: T30PY for use from 10 to 160m and T30SIXon 6m. It is expected to have 3 stations running simultaneously on HF and one on six meters. The following modes will be used: SSB, CW and RTTY.  EME on six meters may be possible, but not yet confirmed.

The team, at this time, is formed by the following Brazilian ham ops: PT2OP – Orlando, PY2PT – Rick, PY2XB – Fred, PY2WAS – Alex, PY4BZ – Fernando, PY7XC – Jim, PY7ZY – Ciro, PY3MM – Miguel and PY1KN – Marcelo.

The DXpedition website will be launched in a couple of days at http://www.mdxc.org/t30py/, supported by the Mediterraneo DX Club. Considering the high cost of logistics, donations are welcome to help the team to support all related costs. There will be a donation button in the site, for which the donor may click and use Paypal to accomplish it.

T30PY/T30SIX Team